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After one week in China...

After more than one week in China I like it here very much. The school really tries it´s best for us. We have lots of extra lessons, so it won´t get boring for us.

On last Monday we had to introduce ourselves to school.  They all welcomed us very nicely. After that we watched the last military training. I´m glad I chose not to do that training. It´s so strenuous standing straight when it´s hot. Before lunch we had our first chinese Art lesson. The teacher´s quite young and her lessons are really fun, just like all of our other lessons, except the Chinese and English lessons are a little boring, but that´s okay. I usually use that time for practising more chinese or writing diary.

After more than one week I think I got quite used to the lifestyle here. I met lots of nice and caring people.

25.9.08 16:00

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