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September 2008

My new school

QingHua high school is a huge school. They have over 4500 students. The school area has a big garden, a sportfield, basketball court, swimming poo... weiterlesen
18.9.08 02:51

My hostfamily

My hostfamily is a really nice. I have a hostsister, she is in the same age as me. My hostparents are both teachers and very kind and caring. Unfo... weiterlesen
18.9.08 02:42

My first day in school, 16.Sept.2008

This morning I went to school with my hostsister. She brought me to the Internation Affairs Departement in Qing Hua High school. I was quite excit... weiterlesen
17.9.08 10:47

First day in China, 13. Sept. 2008

My first day in China was really exciting. I met a lot of new people from all over the world and the orienation was quite interesting, although we... weiterlesen
17.9.08 08:44

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